Siaya County water and sanitation project

Rural water schemes in Siaya are typically managed by community water committees. However, due to poor management structures, limited capacities, challenges with revenue collection, lack of accountability and unviable water tariff setting, many schemes are unsustainable. This project addressed the above by adopting a “Public Ownership, Private management’’ (POPM) model through a PPP approach encompassing Dorcas, Maji Milele and the County Government of Siaya.

The objective of this project is to create evidence that this management model will lead to sustainable water supply, improved service levels and will turn water schemes currently not commercially viable into profitable schemes. Other distinguishing elements include use of pre-paid meters; use of loyalty points to provide sanitation and hygiene products and creating open defecation free zones through use of Community-Led Total Sanitation approach. Additionally, the project will promote gender equality (through increasing opportunities for women to participate in leadership, decision-making and entrepreneurship ventures) as well as inclusiveness of the poor and vulnerable through provision of free water and community safety nets.

In order to achieve project outputs and outcomes, this PPP will defined through a Service Provision Agreement with time-bound Key Performance Indicators, Cooperation Agreement and Partnership Agreement. This project will enable 108,500 people have access to clean water and sanitation. It is envisioned that this model will be scaled up in Siaya as well as other counties and has a potential to attract external financing.


Project summary

Project number:
Total budget:
€ 1,577,337
Project status:
Budget spent:
90.06 %
Tied status:
Partially tied
Project partners:
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Stichting Dorcas Aid International, Maji Milele Ltd., Siaya County Government, North Gem Community Development Program
Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation