PPP support MARD

Co-operation between the Vietnamese government (MARD), and private sector in different forms of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and Public Private Cooperation (PPC). PPP/PPC is a growing reality for Vietnam. The knowledge and capacity at MARD to be constructively engaged in PPP is not sufficient. This lack of capacity and understanding is noticeable at policy level and implementation level.

The goal of this project is to meet the request of MARD to support and facilitate the development of a PPP framework for MARD, and support the start of a real PPP approach in two subsectors in the field of agriculture (coffee and fish) with considerable Dutch business presence or potential.

There are great opportunities for the Dutch private sector to develop their interests through PPPs in agriculture and they are willing to commit and invest in these partnerships. This project has been carried out by a consultant.

The project concerned the following activities:

  1. Conducting regional dialogue for the coffee and fish sector.
  2. Formulating, conceptualizing and initiating a PPC in fish and coffee.
  3. Conducting awareness and policy-oriented meetings with relevant and influential staff (including Directors of technical divisions) from MARD.
  4. Creating a PPC advisory board for MARD (participation of e.g. Worldbank, IFAD, SNV, IDH).
  5. Assisting and facilitating the drafting of a plan of action and identifying follow-up actions.

Project summary

Project number:
Total budget:
€ 58,014
Viet Nam
Project status:
Budget spent:
100.00 %
100.00 % spent
Tied status:
Project partners:
Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Agricultural policy and administrative management