A Value added International oriented Production chain for pork (VIP Pork Chain), phase 1

The main aim of the VIP Pork Chain Programme is to upgrade a Vietnamese pork chain in quantity, quality and safety standards with the support of Dutch know-how and technology in food inspection systems, slaughtering processes, veterinary services and farming techniques in order to be able to secure high-value markets, both domestic and internationally.

The aim will be achieved on the one hand through bilateral cooperation between Dutch and Vietnamese governments.
The project has been carried out by the Dutch Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit.
To structure the work packages that focus on the business climate in Vietnam, a MoU between the Vietnamese and Dutch government and stakeholders has been drawn up and signed.

The activities that are part of this project can be divided into four components:

  • Component I – fact-finding and developing a work plan.
  • Component II – G2G and K2K to support the pig sector development in Vietnam. This component consists of a set of activities, structured in work packages, that address the various identified issues for developing a better structured pork chain.
  • Component III – promotion and positioning of Dutch private sector in the pig sector.
  • Component IV – demonstration of a sustainable farm pig production.

Project summary

Project number:
Total budget:
€ 45,436
Viet Nam
Project status:
Budget spent:
100.00 %
100.00 % spent
Tied status:
Project partners:
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit
Agricultural development