TA support to dredge the Mekong Delta with emphasis on small inland waterways and irrigations canals

Current dredging using conventional methods (suction dredgers and crane pontoons depositing directly on the embankment) result in: low contractual cost, but high opportunity cost because of: environmental damages; high social impact (appropriation of lands), high cost of remedial works (restoration of disposal sites, reconstruction of bridges), long time required for settlement of sediment, and no optimal use of the dredged materials.

The purposes of this project is:

  • Increase cooperation with IFI programmes to increase opportunities for the Dutch private sector.
  • Increase the quality standards of procurement (TOR’s) to acquire higher quality equipment and also creating a more competitive position for Dutch suppliers in the dredging sector (equipment, dredging works and knowledge).
  • Sell small dredging boats for urban canals and irrigation canals from the Netherlands.
  • Enhance a relevant network of government representatives, people active at the IFI’s, local government in the Mekong delta and Vietnamese dredging companies.
  • Share expertise and knowledge to support in feasibility studies for the Vietnamese organisations & government to support in smart solutions, early engagement of Dutch organisations and enhance opportunities for cooperation in the dredging sector.
  • Application of more sustainable dredging practices in Vietnam.

This project has been carried out by ID Consultancy.

Project summary

Project number:
Total budget:
€ 59,140
Viet Nam
Project status:
Budget spent:
100.00 %
100.00 % spent
Tied status:
Project partners:
ID Consultancy B.V., Netherlands Enterprise Agency
River basins development