Expertise Royalty Administration International at workshop PVP in Dalat, Vietnam

Plant Variety Protection in Vietnam is not yet organised according to best practise. Legislation is under development (with support by Dutch government) but issues like enforcement need much attention yet. Due to the current situation, Dutch horticulture companies are hesitant to enter the Vietnamese market with their protected varieties. If Vietnam is able to further upgrade their legislation and enforcement in line with best practise, a positive incentive for Dutch related business will be provided.

The purpose of the project is to have the expertise of the Dutch RAI (Royalty Administration International) available at a PVP (Plant Variety Protection) workshop in Dalat, Vietnam. This expertise will provide a proven method of enforcement through royalties to the Vietnamese policy makers. This is an important step to improve the PVP practise in Vietnam.

An expert of RAI will provide a presentation at the workshop and actively participates in the workshop.

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€ 2,633
Viet Nam
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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Royalty Administration International C.V.
Plant and post-harvest protection and pest control