The Netherlands-South Africa Horticulture Business Forum

The aim of this project is to strengthen South African horticultural performance and its competitiveness in better meeting market demand through mobilising and acquiring Dutch expertise and technology.

The Dutch horticulture supply sector will set up a multi stakeholder Business Platform with its South African counterparts. In this public private set-up, the private sector takes the lead in identifying opportunities, while the Dutch and South African governments and knowledge organisations support these opportunities and necessary infrastructural improvements according to their mandates, capacities and priorities. Knowledge development, capacity building through training and education by the knowledge partners (WUR, South African universities, vocational training centres) in the Platform is crucial to support sector development and business cooperation opportunities.

The Platform will be actively uphold for three years. The output will be bilateral cooperation projects aimed at enhancing greenhouse horticulture production capacity in South African with the active involvement of Dutch and South African private sectors.

The South African – Netherlands Horticulture Business Platform will be provided with administrative support to implement it’s objectives and achieve results. The Platform aims to initate bilateral cooperation projects with the active involvement and leadership of the private sector of both countries by:

  1. Creating a shared view on horticultural innovation in SA.
  2. Programme management on capacity building, technical innovation and empowering sector organisations.
  3. Events for connecting the SA and Dutch business networks (i.e. seminars, matchmaking, website, social media).
  4. Administration and reporting to stakeholders and funding organisations.
  5. Public and knowledge partners will define their supportive role based  on their mandate, capacity and priorities.

This project is commissioned to Stichting Holland Horti International.

Project summary

Project number:
Total budget:
€ 223,125
South Africa
Project status:
Budget spent:
100.00 %
100.00 % spent
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Project partners:
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Stichting Holland Horti International
Food crop production